Business for Peace- Oslo summit 2012

Business for Peace holdt sin årlige konferanse i Oslo 7.mai.

“The Business for Peace Foundation was initiated in 2007 in the belief that socially responsible and ethical initiatives should not be merely window dressing, but must stand the test as a business case, and gradually, as the moral culture of corporations matures, will constitute an integrated part of modern business.
The aim of the Foundation is to accelerate the development of business practices through increasing the awareness of the strengths of the ethical business case. The vision is to inspire and encourage business people, as individuals, to foster peace and stability to the benefit of humanity, through releasing the peace building power of Being Businessworthy”.

Litt mer info her: Media-Release-Oslo-Business-for-Peace-Awards-2012

Stiftelsen har også inngått et samarbeid med Partnership for Change. Dette blir spennende å følge med på. 

Fra vår side stiller Optimistene gjerne med vårt bidrag til et positivt, konstruktivt tankesett og ikke minst en “touch” av humor :-).


  1. N’empêche….Admettons, pour la discussion, que le problème, c’est qu’on est trop &lss;o;&nbap;difficile&nbqpu» (pour ce que ça veut dire).On fait quoi alors? On couche/se met en couple avec quelqu’un alors QU’ON EN A PAS ENVIE? Me semble que c’est pas le but recherché….« La bandaison, papa, ça ne se commande pas. »(Brassens)*on jase*

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